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Around this time of year, there is always talk of the great migration. The talk is still there in 2020 but it's less about the wildebeest and more about the migration to the digital space.

Schools, churches, businesses and nonprofits are trying to find ways to continue operating without meeting physically with the people they serve.

Tin Roof Foundation is no different. Here are a few things we've changed...

  • our 3 staff members work from home and stay connected via WhatsApp and a weekly team meeting to review and plan

  • before Covid19 struck, we hosted monthly get togethers for our Hi2 group of non-profit partners where they could Learn, Share and Grow. The pandemic placed extra pressure on these organisations and they faced increased demands from the local communities and had to respond to educate people about the virus and offer practical solutions. We quickly switched to having fortnightly WhatsApp chats so they could share and brainstorm. This transitioned into Zoom calls where we could lead focused discussions on topics like planning, leadership and mental health awareness

  • in the past, we have hosted workshops to build the capacity of individuals organisations. We have been able to continue this service and have hosted online workshops on Planning for Individual Needs thanks to SEN professional volunteers Michele and Morag and Crowdfunding in partnership with MChanga

  • through WhatsApp and Zoom we are able to continue to engage with our SDG volunteers. This has involved sharing ideas of small deeds they can carry out in their local neighbourhood and volunteer opportunities with partner organisations

  • we have developed outreach surveys that church congregations and business employees can do online so that we can help improve engagement in helping local communities. We believe that there are still ways in which people can help others during these challenging times and we're happy to help people figure out how to do that

The transition to working online has its difficulties and the world over people are navigating their way through this. At Tin Roof Foundation, we are determined to find creative ways to help drive philanthropy as we all need some good in this world in which we are living.

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