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What has Employee Engagement got to do with Philanthropy? Good question!

You may have seen us running an employee engagement survey recently. We wanted to get a feel for company culture in Kenya to help guide our work on Corporate Philanthropy. One of the reasons for this is because we don’t believe that Corporate Philanthropy should only be top down with management making all the decisions about who and how to support so we wanted to know how employees feel about their contribution to the company they work for. We also think that if employees feel positively engaged at work, staff retention will be higher resulting in reduced costs for the company which gives more money for philanthropy!

Corporate Philanthropy gives people an opportunity to use skills that they may not get to utilise in their day to day work. It can also be a good exercise in team building and helps people feel they are making a valuable contribution to society thanks to opportunities they are given at work.

For us it was great to see that 66% of respondents would like to participate in social impact activities created by the company they work for and that 68% would recommend their company as a great place to work.

However, there are a number of concerning results

- only 55% feel like a valued member of the company’s team

- only 59% feel their current role effectively uses their strengths and skills

- only 38% definitely see themselves working at the same company in 2 years

It is our belief that properly structured Corporate Philanthropy programmes can help to address some of these areas. We’re not alone in thinking this! Emergenetics International has some great insights into how corporate philanthropy, also known as Corporate Social Responsibility can increase Employee Engagement.

Here are the full results from our survey.

To look at this from the other side, we are currently carrying out a survey of entrepreneurs to see how their responses compare to those of employees. If you own your own business, you can participate in the survey

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