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Over the past few years, we have grown a network of partners doing valuable work in their local communities. We’ve seen for ourselves the impact that they have and the relationships they have developed with the people they are supporting.

Since the arrival of the COVID19 pandemic in Kenya, we have seen these partners take their work to another level. Their knowledge and experience has proved invaluable as they have known exactly what is needed or how to find out that information. From the relationships they have, they know who to talk to, who is most vulnerable and who is in a position to help.

From Tazama Nia in Ngando using volunteers from their Women’s Literacy and Addiction Assistance programmes to set up and maintain handwashing stations and go door to door mapping the most vulnerable members of the community, to artists from Uweza painting health awareness messages in Kibera and Ngando and tailoring students working with local fashion designer Looks Like Avido to produce and distribute free face masks…the list goes on

  • Garden of Hope setting up and mantaining handwashing stations in Kibera and providing food parcels for families identified as most in need

  • Turning Point Trust also setting up and maintaining handwashing stations and working with local shopkeepers to run a voucher system where parents of their students can access the food they need

  • Billian Music Family bringing water tankers to provide water in Mathare as well as providing food for families of children with disabilities

  • Gifted Community Centre distributing food and cleaning materials to people with disabilities

  • Toto Care Box seeing increased demand for their lifesaving boxes which include hygiene products

  • Action Foundation running a helpline to continue supporting families of children with disabilities as they also provide them with food supplies

  • Raising Futures Kenya supporting Seed of Hope students and graduates as well as children on their reintegration programme

The team at Tin Roof Foundation is extremely proud of each and every one of our partners and the way they have responded to this crisis in Kenya.

Please check out our social media pages to find out how you can support their efforts.

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