partnerships | CONNECT

We don’t have the resources or skills to help every deserving cause we come across. We do however, have a great network of trusted people and organisations that are keen to help.


Working as a trusted intermediary, we make the connections that make things happen by creating relationships between two parties, ensuring they are mutually beneficial and both sides are empowered.

Rather than short term partnerships to simply get a job done, we believe in relationships that endure long after a project is completed.

Reach Youth Global approached Tin Roof Foundation with a burden to reach African youth with the Gospel, on a large scale.  

After consulting we arranged a meeting with the youth ministry Kubamba  (K-Krew) who had the same heart. K-Krew already had the networks, know-how and a decade of experience in ministering to African young people,   however, they were in need of financial resources to go to the next level. Following our meeting, Reach Youth Global and Kubamba formed a partnership which allowed Reach Youth Global to leap frog years of development and costs.   Kubamba's plans for reaching thousands of youth, were accelerated now that they had the necessary funding.