Partnering with Toto Care Box


These are the five areas of work of Tin Roof Foundation and our recent Mother’s Day Deed involved all five of these!

It started with an idea to give new mothers gift bags full of essential items for caring for their babies. Through one of our Friends of Tin Roof, we were connected with an amazing organisation called Toto Care Box which was caring for mothers and babies on a whole other level. Toto Care Box provides expectant mothers with training on self-care, giving birth and caring for a newborn baby. Mothers who complete the training are gifted a box which doubles up as a safe space for their baby to sleep and is packed with items to help keep the baby safe and well.

After meeting with the team that runs Toto Care Box, we made the decision to instead of launching our own initiative to further theirs and to help raise awareness of their work and to connect them with people who could benefit from the boxes. This decision led to us creating partnerships with Hatua Centre and four of their partner churches in Ngando and Nairobi Chapel Langata.

Through our Simply Do Good initiative, enough money was raised for 33 boxes, to be presented on Mother’s Day, from generous people across Kenya and the world. A big win was that some of these funds were raised through small, local businesses as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Toto Care Box then topped this up with a further 25 through their own donor! This meant that 58 mothers were able to receive Toto Care Boxes on Mother’s Day after the TCB team had carried out training sessions in the two communities.

We were delighted to be part of these new partnerships and to see lives changed through this project. The work doesn’t stop here though as we will walk with the community organisations and give some coaching based on our experience with them and we will continue to be advocates for Toto Care Box. In fact….we’ve already raised seen a further 12 boxes funded through our contacts including an amazing 7 year old girl who raised 15,000KES to buy five boxes!!!

This turned out to be a much bigger project than just giving out gifts. As Pastor Maruti from Hatua Centre said “This initiative has brought us deeper into the community. It has allowed us to interact with people we have never met and these relationships are continuing. We have had new opportunities for evangelism.”  This was incredibly affirming as our goal is to use “doing good” as a bridge to be able to share the Gospel and walk with individuals as they learn more about Jesus through local churches and gospel-focused organizations.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work we do, please get in touch.