39,000 Kenyan infants die each year, many due to preventable causes. To celebrate Mother's Day, we joined Toto Care Box as part of the planning committee for their first Family Fun Run.

Toto Care Boxes provide safe sleeping space for babies and contain items that increase infants' chances of survival. They are given as an incentive to encourage pregnant women to attend antenatal classes and deliver at a health facility. The goal of the fun run was to raise money to support this work.

 For over one month, our team participated in planning meetings and contributed ideas and connections to help Toto Care Box pull together their event. On Saturday 11th May, around 200 people gathered in City Park in Nairobi where 92 people, young and old, participated by running or walking 5km. Cheering them on were a squad of volunteers from our Simply Do Good initiative, partnered with volunteers from UNISCOO. They did a fantastic job creating a fun atmosphere and helping things run smoothly.

Special mention to our friends St Christopher’s School in Karen who collected 54,000ksh of donations through a cupcake sale we organized at the school! Through this and other fundraising efforts we raised a total of 66,000ksh as well as helping with event logistics, creating awareness of Toto Care Box and the event and helping to build their network.

Whitney Koonce