Renewing Our Focus

Towards the end of last year, we sat as a team and worked on our strategy for the coming year. We wanted to set focused goals that everyone could work towards to ensure we are efficient and have maximum impact.

This discussion saw us narrow down from our five areas of work to just two…Simply Do Good and Corporate Social Responsibility. It was agreed that by pursuing opportunities in these two areas, our work would naturally touch on the other three areas of Partnerships, Coaching and Advocacy.

With regards to Simply Do Good, we decided that there were four core groups that we want to reach this year:

  • Individuals and groups (SDG Rafiki)
  • Churches (SDG Kanisa)
  • Businesses (SDG Corporate)
  • Schools (SDG Shule)

It has been amazing to see the first group take action with deeds taking place on Christmas Day and a training session to explain more about SDG bringing together 28 young people interested in doing good. We look forward to sharing more success stories from this group and the others in the coming months.

To help raise awareness of Simply Do Good, our team has developed the #SDGDaily calendar which shares a good deed each day to inspire people to help others. If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, check out the now!

SDG Calendar 2018 Feb.png