At Tin Roof Foundation we want to see SUSTAINABLE change and LASTING IMPACT. When we host workshops with guest speakers we ensure that the content will be of use to participants and that they will learn things that they can implement in their work.

 Earlier this year, we hosted two workshops on Child Protection and one to train people to deliver the training so that it can be shared more widely.

We’re delighted at the impact these sessions have had.

  • Several organisations that attended the training have either started a new policy or begun the review process to update their policy as a result of the training.

  • One NGO has made plans to cascade the training to their whole staff team.

  • Participants from the workshops have recommended Tin Roof Foundation to a radio station and a foundation that was facilitating a seminar on Child Protection in Nairobi

  • Other organisations have come forward requesting the training workshops be repeated for their staff.

Thank you to the participating organisations for recognising the importance of keeping children safe,,,,and our facilitators for donating their time to share their invaluable knowledge and experience.