Partnering with Kuza

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The fundamental priorities of Tin Roof Foundation are to Inspire and Empower on all levels, including spiritually.  At Tin Roof Foundation we believe that lasting change begins at the soul level and works its way out to our words and actions.  For this reason when we met the team who developed the Kuza App we knew there was an opportunity to partner with mutual benefit to both our organisations.

Kuza App is a Bible devotional mobile app created by Kenyans, for Kenyans, for discipleship and Christian growth.  We saw this as a twofold opportunity.  First, at Tin Roof Foundation we desire for individuals to not just do good things, but to do good, godly things with a heart to please their Creator and serve others.  Through Scripture and inspiring short messages young people are able to grow in their faith and their daily walk.  This ties directly into Tin Roof Foundation as once a young person goes through the Kuza devotionals, they now need to put it into action.  Our Simply Do Good initiative allows anyone, anywhere to put into action their Christian faith in practical and profound ways. 

The partnership between Tin Roof and Kuza involves coming together to write 30 devotionals to teach those reading what God says about social justice, serving others wisely and making an impact in our world and eternity.  This partnership inspires the soul and empowers the body to go and live boldly like Christ.

Post by Shawn Koonce, TRF Founder