Corporate Social Responsibility with Kubamba


Since its inception, Tin Roof Foundation has been closely tied to the East African youth ministry, Kubamba.  For the last 17 years Kubamba, whose tagline is ‘Representing Christ Jesus to the fullest’, has served as the leading voice to and for youth in Kenya and has used music as their language and medium.


Kubamba and Kubamba Radio partnered with Tin Roof Foundation to carry out their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives via the Simply Do Good initiative.  By working together Tin Roof Foundation benefitted greatly from the broad media and event platform Kubamba maintains and Kubamba has benefitted from the planning, execution and follow up of each event.  The organisations have worked together on initiatives such as Team M2 for cancer sufferers and Simply Do Good Deeds for street children, local vendors, police and security guards.

Kubamba Radio has the tagline “Get Inspired” which is one half of our stated mission of Inspiring and Empowering People to Change their world for Eternity. We believe together we are able to accomplish both of these.   The relationship we as Tin Roof Foundation share with Kubamba is a cornerstone partnership and we look forward to many more opportunities to partner in the days ahead. 

Check out this video with Kubamba Radio Presenter Tina Nzuki to find out about one of the ways in which we have partnered this year.

Post by Shawn Koonce, TRF Founder

Whitney Koonce