Building Partnerships with Eko Dydda


When gospel artist Eko Dydda was growing up in Eastlands he dreamed of being great.  At the time, football was the way Eko saw that he was going to be successful.  It was on the pitch that he excelled, but also learned about hard work, team work and looking out for each other.  Although Eko has ultimately found his calling in music and the arts, he has never forgotten his first love, football.

In 2009, Eko sponsored an informal football tournament and saw the positive impact participating had on the young boys.  Out of this grew the annual Ghetto Championship that regularly hosts over 30 teams representing different slum neighborhoods from across Kenya.

We met Eko and resonated with his desire to begin a foundation that would help people on the ground in ways that would affect their everyday lives and future.  As we talked with Eko we began thinking of a partner that would really help him and Ghetto Championship extend their reach from the football pitch into the souls of each of the young men and women participating.  Our friends at Vapor Ministries work in the nearby slum of Kawangware where they teach football skills to young people hand in hand with discipleship and Christian values mentorship.   We introduced Eko to Vapor Ministries Hope Centre Director, John Omboko to see how they could work together.  While the relationship is still new, both parties saw enormous value in what the other brought to the field and are currently looking for ways to partner for football and discipleship this year.

Post by Shawn Koonce, TRF Founder

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