Tin Roof Foundation News


Corporate Social Responsibility with Kubamba

Since its inception, Tin Roof Foundation has been closely tied to the East African youth ministry, Kubamba.  For the last 17 years Kubamba, whose tagline is ‘Representing Christ Jesus to the fullest’, has served as the leading voice to and for youth in Kenya and has used music as their language and medium.

Partnering with Kuza

The fundamental priorities of Tin Roof Foundation are to Inspire and Empower on all levels, including spiritually.  At Tin Roof Foundation we believe that lasting change begins at the soul level and works its way out to our words and actions.  For this reason when we met the team who developed the Kuza App we knew there was an opportunity to partner with mutual benefit to both our organisations.


Building Partnerships with Eko Dydda

When gospel artist Eko Dydda was growing up in Eastlands he dreamed of being great.  At the time, football was the way Eko saw that he was going to be successful.  It was on the pitch that he excelled, but also learned about hard work, team work and looking out for each other.  Although Eko has ultimately found his calling in music and the arts, he has never forgotten his first love, football.