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39,000 Kenyan infants die each year, many due to preventable causes. To celebrate Mother's Day, we joined Toto Care Box as part of the planning committee for their first Family Fun Run.

Toto Care Boxes provide safe sleeping space for babies and contain items that increase infants' chances of survival. They are given as an incentive to encourage pregnant women to attend antenatal classes and deliver at a health facility.

creative connections

Who can YOU speak up for? What connections can YOU make that will make a difference?

Read about one of the connections we recently made between a hotel and a project that nurtures the talents of children and young people.

child protection

We want to see SUSTAINABLE change and LASTING IMPACT. When we host workshops we ensure that the content will be of use to participants and that they will learn things that they can implement in their work. Earlier this year, we hosted workshops on Child Protection We’re delighted at the impact these sessions have had.