At Tin Roof Foundation, we define Corporate Philanthropy as; 

“Leveraging assets for the good of the community and the growth of the company.”

Philanthropy is the love of humanity and should be at the heart of every business. Whether you’re running a small business or a part of a large scale corporate, there are things you can do to impact the community around you. We’re here to help show you how.

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We spend time getting to know your organisation, why you do what you do and why you want to make Corporate Philanthropy part of your business.


We do the initial research and design for a new project in line with the heart of your business and suggest potential strategies for implementation.



We carry out indepth research, work with you on the design of a project that works for your business and bring the project to life for you.

At this level of engagement we put our boots to the ground and work with the community your business wants to impact. The opportunities here are wide ranging and could include

  • hosting events in your name

  • creating volunteer opportunities for your team members

  • looking for creative ways to use your products for social impact

  • delivering training or coaching sessions


As the CEO of one of our corporate partners said, let us “give arms and legs to your heart”. Contact us today to find out how we can help make Corporate Philanthropy work for your business.