Simply do good | take action

How many times have you heard the phrase “It starts with you!”?


The reason for that is…it does. Either you alone or you and a group of friends, classmates or colleagues can make a difference. Our Simply Do Good (SDG) arm takes an active role in carrying out good deeds, showing people how it’s done and inspiring and empowering them to go out into their world and host their own deeds.

This area of our work incorporates Advocacy, Partnerships and Corporate Social Responsibility. It educates and empowers people to Simply Do Good by generously investing their time, skills or resources in real needs.

When we heard of a community in Laisamis in Eastern Kenya that had been badly affected by drought, we felt called to take action and engage others to do the same.

We worked in partnership with Kubamba Radio, Volkswagen Anonymous Classic Club of Kenya and Mount Kenya Baptist Ministries to raise Ksh673,901 ($6,739) through social media, mainstream media and our networks. A team of volunteers drove to Laisamis, stopping on the way to buy food supplies from local vendors. Food and water were distributed to 115 families in Laisamis and we also provided for families across the drought affected regions in Baragoi, Suguta Marmar, Wamba and West Pokot.

SDG continued its partnership with Mt. Kenya Ministries on a sustainability project in the Timau region to assist local farmers whose crops were destroyed by drought. We purchased and distributed seeds for 70 farmers just in time for them to be able to get the seeds in the ground before the rain arrived.