Imagine an East Africa where foreign aid isn’t required because communities are empowered to find solutions to their own problems. We are working towards that by creating a culture of selfless generosity.

Through our “Corporate Philanthropy” and “Simply Do Good” programmes, we provide processes, platforms and people to drive philanthropy. Not the modern version of philanthropy that involves writing a large cheque but the original definition: “love of humanity”.



Our roots go back to 2002 when our founder, Shawn, was working with local communities in East Africa.  He quickly discovered that many answers to the most common social problems could be effectively met with the skills and resources available locally.  This led to him aligning his work to coincide with efforts, personnel and advice from local sources.

Over the years, Shawn met a number of organisations doing great work to impact their communities. In 2009, Tin Roof Society was officially launched with the goal of “connecting generosity with opportunity”. This allowed funding and resources to be channeled to some of these partners, many of whom we are still in contact with.

In 2014 we formed Tin Roof Foundation to inspire and empower people to change their world, focusing on East Africa.  We have had the privilege of working with projects in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya covering a variety of social needs including education, at-risk youth, maternal health, childhood cancer, famine and more. Our network of partners continues to grow but our original values remain the same.

The nature of our work has developed over the years and is now focused on our “Corporate Philanthropy” and “Simply Do Good” programmes.