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Working With You To Drive Philanthropy

The world is changing and especially because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have increased awareness of the lack of access to basic needs in our own communities. You want to help but don't know how or who to trust. Tin Roof Foundation provides platforms and processes for people to drive philanthropy as individuals, churches or corporates so that we can collectively participate in alleviating this pain in Kenya and beyond. Using our expertise and deep understanding of the philanthropy space, we provide you with real solutions so that you experience true results. Get in touch to book a meeting.



Are you an SME or larger corporate looking to increase your employee engagement and social impact? Are you a Lead Pastor at a church struggling to get your congregation involved in outreach? Are you an individual looking to volunteer your time, skills or energy for a good cause?

Since 2016, we have been working with corporates, churches, NGOs and individuals to help them find ways to positively impact their communities through community projects, congregation outreach programs and volunteering respectively.

Over the years we have developed our Corporate Philanthropy and Simply Do Good programmes. Through these, you will find products that will help you create a positive and long-lasting impact in your immediate community.

Get in touch to start making an impact as soon as today.

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In the non-profit field, it can be a challenge to find genuine partnerships. At times, organizations feel like they must compete with or outshine one another for funding, accolades, or attention. Tin Roof Foundation, however, always rises above the fray and embodies partnership in every sense of the word. We are honored and thrilled to have connected with the amazing team at Tin Roof and to be able to call them partners for the past two years.

Uweza Foundation

‘We are a small charity serving vulnerable children and families in Kibera. We have benefited hugely from being part of the Hi2 Network organised by Tin Roof Foundation. They have helped us to connect with other organisations doing similar work and we've learnt so much from the times we have gathered to discuss our work. This has also opened doors for us to work together on projects and events like #GivingTuesdayKibra which was a great success.

Turning Point Trust



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